Whole Chickens

Tried it and loved it?

Porter & York’s whole, free range, chickens are a top of the line product from the Pacific Northwest. Tender and juicy, you will taste the difference with every bite. Once you’ve had chicken from Porter & York, everything else will taste second rate.

Each chicken weighs 2.5 pounds.


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When you buy Natural Whole Chickens from Porter & York you are getting a free run product that is grown in the Pacific Northwest. The birds are Air-Chilled.  Air-Chilled birds do not have the opportunity to absorb any of the water that the traditional water bath methods employ, which can be as much as 8% of the chicken’s body weight. Because of this you will find that our chicken is a cleaner product and the meat will be much more tender and flavorful than our competitors. 

Our Signature Recipe

Beer Can Chicken

It just so happens we have a custom recipe for this cut. Please feel free to use it and take all the credit!