Wild King Salmon Portion

Tried it and loved it?

When you buy Bruce Gore Salmon Fillet you are getting a 6 – 8 oz ┬áKing Salmon portion. ┬áThis salmon was wild caught in the waters of southeast Alaska using a line and hook method. After being caught the fish is cleaned and frozen on board to hold in that fresh salmon flavor.


(Serves 1)

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Our salmon is caught in the pristine waters of Southeast Alaska. The fishermen follow a process started over 30 years ago when Bruce Gore revolutionized the wild salmon Alaskan salmon fishery with his manually intensive Frozen-At-Sea program. The fish are caught using hook and line method to minimize stress, processed immediately onboard, and frozen with 30 minutes. Each fish is then individually hand dipped in a fresh water glaze to create a protective seal, and tagged to ensure every fish is traceable to the source. The result is a premium sashimi grade salmon with consistent quality, lustrous appearance, firm flesh and impeccably clean taste. Porter & York source Bruce Gore Frozen-At-Sea wild salmon because its quality is unsurpassed.